My Top 5 Apps for Health and Wellbeing

Sure enough, there is an app for everything now. Although I often hate how much technology is a part of our lives, it most definitely can be a brilliant tool for improving our wellbeing if we use it wisely, and very much remain the master of it rather than a slave to it. These are my top five apps relating to wellbeing:

1. Headspace – I’ve been using this brilliant app for years now, in order to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. As someone who really struggles to live in the moment, this app has helped me a great deal. Not only does it help me however, but it features loads of content for children that my kids now use on a regular basis. I love this as I hope it helps them build the habit of being mindful into their lives as they grow up.

2. My Fitness Pal – It’s not perfect and the values listed for foods do need to be treated with caution, but there’s no doubt that My Fitness Pal is hugely beneficial for those trying to watch what they eat and increase their activity level. I use it with most of my clients and it helps them learn how many calories are in their food, and it helps me to keep an eye on what they’re eating. Once you’ve got the hang of it it’s easy to use and its food database is massive.

3. Strava – What a brilliant concept; merge social accountability with fitness. This well thought-out app allows you to track your progress in endurance training (cycling, running, walking and canoeing), compete or work in teams with friends or other users, and post your activity to social media so everyone knows what you’ve been up to. It’s easy and fun to use and helps make training more interesting. Love it.

4. BBC Good Food app – Contains a wealth of brilliant recipes enabling you to get meal inspiration on the go.

5. Ordnance Survey app – I love going off for a long walk somewhere new, and this app means I’m far less likely to get lost when I do. It also allows me to discover new walking routes on my doorstep. You can download maps of any area to your phone to use offline when out in the wilderness, and the brilliance of it is that you don’t have to spend ages looking a the map trying to work out where you are, as it shows you right away. It has most definitely stopped me from getting lost on numerous occasions.

I hope these recommendations inspire you to become the best version of you. If you have any others please do let me know, as I’m always keen to discover things that make the journey to being healthier easier and more enjoyable.

Laura Hilton