Healthy ways to celebrate Mother’s Day for free

Mother’s Day is around the corner and if you’re lucky you will soon be asked how you’d like to spend the day. It can be hard of nice things to do that either don’t involve eating and drinking lots, or that don’t cost a lot. I’ve put together a few suggestions of indulgent things you can do for free that don’t involve food and drink so that your day of indulgence can be 100% guilt-free.

1. Do an activity you enjoy


This could be something you go off and do on your own or with a friend, or you could involve the whole family. You could walk, run or cycle, just make sure everyone knows that this is one day of the year that they’re NOT to moan about it.

2. Time for a soak

Arm yourself with something to read, a cuppa, and a nice candle and some bubble bath then head to the bathroom and LOCK THE DOOR. Have an indulgent bubble bath and make sure everyone knows to leave you in peace while you’re in there.

3. Claim a lie-in

Do you remember what a lie-in is? Whilst staying in bed until 1pm as you did as a teenager may be totally impossible now, you certainly should be able to enlist help to be able to make it until 8 or even 9am. You’ve most definitely earned it. Doze, read, enjoy a cuppa, whatever, just relish the opportunity to NOT have to bounce out of bed as soon as the little people start to stir.


4. Watch a sunset

Find out what time sunset will be (the MetOffice website or app will tell you) and head to a nearby hill to watch it. Take a picnic blanket and a flask of a warm drink and enjoy watching the day fade.


5. Read a book

Most mums I know read for a few minutes when they get into bed before passing out through shear tiredness. Reading in the day time for most of us feels incredibly indulgent, and is therefore a great thing to do on Mother’s Day. Find a quiet corner and make sure everyone knows to leave you alone for a while, whilst you dive into a book.

Hopefully these ideas give you some inspiration to have one of your happiest and healthiest Mother’s Days yet. Leave this tab open to be discovered or if you need a slightly less subtle approach you could print it out and even highlight the things you fancy doing. Please let me know what you end up doing and enjoy every moment. You deserve it.

Laura Hilton